Satanist Pedophiles

bill gates and jeffrey epstein traded advice on bill's 'toxic' marriage & jeff's pedo image rehab, during secretive 'men's club' gatherings

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein Traded Advice on Bill’s ‘Toxic’ Marriage & Jeff’s Pedo Image Rehab, During Secretive ‘Men’s Club’ Gatherings

german police shut down 'boystown' child sex abuse platform

German Police Shut Down ‘Boystown’ Child Sex Abuse Platform ‘With 400,000 Members’

disgusting video shows children being paraded around drag queen show taking cash tips

Disgusting Video Shows Children Being Paraded Around Drag Queen Show Taking Cash Tips

military bases housing migrant children plagued by serial sexual abuse claims

Military Bases Housing Migrant Children Plagued by Serial Sexual Abuse Claims

massive child sex ring busted at state youth facility — hundreds of kids tortured and raped

Massive Child Sex Ring Busted at State Youth Facility — Hundreds of Kids Tortured and Raped

another 'woke' thought leader turns out to be a serial rapist of young boys

Another One: Pioneer of the ‘Woke’ Ideology Turns Out to Be a Serial Rapist of Young Boys

kids in migrant camps engaging in sexual activity, sent to hotels with unvetted caregivers

Kids in Migrant Camps Engaging in Sexual Activity, Sent to Hotels with Unvetted Caregivers

brett blomme, milwaukee county circuit court judge in branch 5

Children’s Court Judge and Former Head of Group That Sponsors ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

state locks up 10yo child sex trafficking victim and lets her multiple abusers walk free

State Locks Up 10yo Child Sex Trafficking Victim and Lets Her Multiple Abusers Walk Free: ‘The World Showed Me I Don’t Matter’

38 Pedophiles And Sex Predators Arrested During Florida Multi Agency Sting Operation

38 Pedophiles and Sex Predators Arrested During Florida Multi-Agency Sting Operation